Tess is a mind-body therapist who is deeply passionate about connection, self-expression and supporting people to transform through personal growth. Tess’ grounded, nurturing and sensitive therapeutic approach allows clients to meet themselves in the present moment through bodywork, mind-body therapy, emotional release facilitation and meditation. This empowering blend of holistic therapies ensures that clients are supported through healing unresolved physical, emotional and mental issues. Connection is at the core of Tess’s work, which ensures that clients receive unique and individualized support that is relevant to their life situation.

Tess is gifted at making people feel at complete ease to express themselves simply by her openness, heartfelt presence and energetic integrity. Her highly intuitive and gentle nature creates a safe space for clients to move through emotional blocks, heal physical and emotional pain and let go of limiting stories/beliefs that restrain our natural impulses. Through an Emotional Anatomy lens, Tess continues to work with energetic dysfunctions that show up in the body such as stress, anxiety, depression, pain, weight imbalances and more. She is able to connect to the essence of who people really are, and guide them through the courageous journey from their head back to their heart. Tess specialises in uncovering the core energetics behind psycho-emotional issues, discomfort, pain and trauma while supporting her clients to take responsibility for who they are, what they want and how they can take authentic action in their lives.

Tess believes that distress and dis-ease in the body is a by-product of the level of disconnection and unconscious awareness within oneself. Tess will support you in becoming your own guide, healer and change agent through the process of connection and integrating the bodymind. She also interweaves her creatively driven background in the performing arts to helps her clients build confidence + self-esteem that is internally influenced. This is achieved by challenging the egoic blocks that stifle authentic communication and organic expression. To make sure personal responsibility is taken outside of the treatment room, Tess will support you with self-care processes, creative tasks, recommended readings and activities/ assignments that empower you towards taking action on what you truly desire.

(sessions can incorporate one or a mixture of the following)


  • Discover the mental and emotional relationship towards your physical health.
  • Understand the connection to the Emotional Anatomy and Charka philosophy in relation to your physical body and lifestyle choices.
  • Understand the energetics behind limiting belief systems + create new empowering pathways of thought.
  • Tune into what you truly want and unlock your innate creativity + passions.
  • Heal unhealthy relationships, resolve addictive behaviour, create boundaries, embrace change + address your financial drains which are stopping you from living in abundance.
  • Understand the energetics behind past disempowering situations which create awareness towards uncovering your true personal power.
  • Generate self esteem + self confidence by taking action on what you want.
  • Create balance with aligning your thoughts, desires and actions.
  • Step into a space of vulnerability to release self sabotaging behaviour in order to connect to your heart.
  • Adopt a new lens of symbolic sight which allows you to respond rather than react to life situations which dramatically changes the choices you make.
  • Express yourself through authentic communication and speak your truth.
  • Create a vision for your life and step into your true path of purpose (YOU).
Emotions that are held in the body is one of the leading causes of creating discomfort, tension and dis-ease in the bodymind if not acknowledged and expressed. Emotional release is made available when you are given the opportunity to come into the present moment and let go of stagnant energy held in the body through the breath, awareness, conscious touch and trigger point massage therapy. Treatment is incorporated through massage table and floor bodywork.
In session you will be gifted with a safe and supportive environment to:
  • Let go of stagnant energy that has been suppressed in the muscle tissue through myofascial trigger point release.
  • Release trauma + emotional blockages through connecting to movement, sensation, breath + sound.
  • Experience first hand the bodies natural ability to release and witness the profound emotional, physical + energetic shifts.
  • Let go of trapped emotions in the bodymind that are the underlying cause of many pain syndromes.
  • Energy balancing and sound healing to restore the subtle energy body + chakra energies.
In session you will embody + experience:
  • Neutralise the nervous system through releasing held biological responses in the body which have activated looped patterns of fight, flight or freeze. 
  • Release emotional distress + trauma that is held in the soft tissues of your body while getting in touch with your emotional anatomy.
  • Heighten your awareness of blocked areas in the body by bringing consciousness, sensitivity and energy back in flow.
  • Dissipate holding patterns in the body which armour emotional repression and natural impulses.
  • Incorporate dynamic movement and breathing exercises that deepen + expand the meditative experience.
  • Meditation anchors which keep you grounded + connected to the present moment.
  • Confidence to integrate a home practice into your lifestyle.
Continued support/sessions:
Resolving issues through physical release and talk therapy
Guidance with decision making processes and accountability
I was awed by Tess’s intuitive grace. The level of presence that came to me just by sitting with her is a testament to her and this work, which is a breath of fresh air in a world caught up with time and thinking. This made me feel safe and allowed me to drop in deep into my body with heightened awareness, surprising myself by opening area’s of my body and emotions that had previously felt blocked. I was able to sit with my discomfort more fully with her gentle guidance. The joy she emanates in doing this work, obviously doing what she loves is contagious, which gave me inspiration to step up in my own life.” ~Kat Barker
“My experience with Tess has been nothing short of phenomenal. Tess has a fun loving, curious and caring spirit that grounds you the moment you meet her.  Arriving at a session you are instantly wrapped in a warmth and wonder for the opportunity to explore life and what you have to unravel in yourself. I couldn’t pick a greater soul to share such experiences with, whether you are being guided through the powerful journey of emotional release or being coached within areas of your life that need questioning and action to generate that change you know in your heart needs to happen. I feel safe, supported and nurtured and always leave uplifted and inspired.  She carries such deep wisdom and heart within her practice. A highly professional and passionate practitioner, I would recommend Tess to people of all backgrounds, there isn’t a story she doesn’t care for!”  ~ Monique Aster
$150  (1.5 hr session)
Call: 0421 254 663
**If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact.
Location: Soul Space Brisbane – 23 Parker Street, Newmarket. 4051
Terms + Conditions, Booking and Cancellation Policies:
Booking and Payment Policy*
Session investments are $150 per session. When making a booking via email or phone, we guarantee your session times and refuse other requests. Follow up/future appointments are prepaid at the time of your consultation.
Rescheduling Policy*
72hrs cancellation notice is required to be eligible to reschedule your pre-booked session. Rescheduling a pre-booked session must occur within 7 days of the original booking. You may only reschedule a pre-booked session once. If you are unable to attend you rescheduled session you will forfeit your payment.
Refund and Cancellation Policy*
 72 hrs notice is required to be eligible for a refund of a prepaid consultation. You must request a refund in writing to tessmallett.embodymind@gmail.com. Please include your bank details with your request. A $40 administration fee applies.
Please note that emergency cancellations are determined at the therapist’s discretion.