soul space brisbane

Congratulations on finding us! We are confident if you have reached our website or if have been referred to us by a friend, you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing.

Soul Space Brisbane was created and founded by Jodie de Rome and Chris Knight.
Soul Space Brisbane is dedicated to the embodiment of purposeful living. Our philosophy is that living an authentic and purposeful life and making informed lifestyle choices is the surest way to heal and to sustain a healthy prosperous life. Our current services are focused on creating real life experiences where clients and people of the community can reclaim their true sense of responsibility, creativity, personal power and authentic expression. Through Emotional Release Body Work, Lifestyle Therapy, Yoga, Dance Therapy, Psychosomatic Therapy Training, Meditation and Nutritional advice, we are teaching people how to heal themselves by providing them with tools which are relevant in the world we live in today.

The people who journey with us include:
Those who have health issues ranging from chronic or acute physical pain of all kinds

Those who suffer mental disorders such as depression and anxiety and have not had success with conventional treatments
Those who require advise and mentoring relating to all areas of life including, relationships, career and spirituality
Those who are fed up with quick fix solution that don’t work and are ready to make significant lifestyles changes to lose weight, transform addictive behaviours, improve diet and incorporate self expression as part of their exercise routine

Those who want to live an authentic, purposeful and balanced life and are seeking guidance from practitioners who are living that life.

Living the life you were born to live is crucial to your health. When you feel happy, enthusiastic and alive, the body, mind and spirit remains balanced and healthy. However, often we put our deep yearnings aside for fear of change and failure the great ideas and inspirations we have in our hearts can stay locked in our minds and bodies resulting in many of the health issues we have today.

At Soul Space Brisbane we offer practical, down-to-earth solutions for activating your authentic path and health of your bodymind. Our ultimate goal is that you come to know how to look after your own health through self therapy, informed lifestyle choices and by learning to listen to your own inner guidance to fulfil your dreams.



Regular Class Timetable
Yoga & Meditation

Pyschosomatic Therapy Training, Conscious Yoga Core Workshop, Meditation Courses

Emotional Release Therapy, Kinesiology, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Psychosomatic Therapy, Lifestyle Consultations 

Events from the Community
Film Screening Nights, Information Sessions, Workshops, Courses etc

Our space is also available for hire. Would you like to hire our space?