kemina-fulwood-kinesiology-brisbaneKemina Fulwood – Kinesiologist

Kemina is a Kinesiologist specialising in stress and trauma, hormonal issues; including fatigue, impotence and thyroid issues, womens health; such as menstral issues and menopause and advanced life coaching. Kemina spent 16 years coaching businesses and people to streamline the way things are done, improve staff and client retention and profits. She realised that what was really holding people back from acheiving their potential was their belief systems, attitudes, thought processes and patterns and emotional and physical health and that Kinesiology was a powerful tool in overcoming these issues.

Kemina’s inspirational, investigative and honest approach enables her to find and dissolve the origin of issues quickly allowing for growth and change physically, emotionally and mentally. What she does to help people achieve profound transformational changes is to gather the full story behind the issue using the Kinesiology tools. This provides clarity around how people created the issue.

It’s her caring, compassionate and down to earth guidance that helps to provide the best course of a action in the future.

What is Kinesiology?

The human body is designed to heal itself, but some stressors create blockages that can lead to disease affecting our optimal health.

Kinesiology identifies the areas blocking the body’s natural healing processes and gets you on the path to a better you.

I use the powerful tools of Kinesiology, along with an investigative approach to find out the stories and patterns blocking you from achieving you full potential or dreams or are creating mental or physical illness. 

Issues resolved 

I have worked with a wide variety of clients who suffered from depression, trauma, drug addiction, impotence, chronic anaemia, severe back and leg pain, chronic heart condition, chronic immune deficiencies, severe allergies and sexual and physical abuse, just to name a few.
I have also helped clients to achieve success in reaching their goals like meeting their soul mates, turning a struggling relationship into a strong supportive relationship, attract their dream jobs or change career.

What I do to achieve the profound transformational changes in people 

I gather the full story behind the issue using Kinesiology, so people have clarity around how they created the issue so they can prevent it from happening again. The details I gather includes; where the issue began and the full details on how it is affecting you, then I quickly, easily and painlessly release these negative stories and patterns and create new positive patterns more in line with your soul purpose.

Techniques used 

  • Resolving and releasing emotional stories and beliefs by pinpointing the time they are created 
  • Unblocking chakras
  • Unblocking neurological pathways and deep survival patterns
  • Cranial sacral therapy
  • Chinese medicine techniques of acupressure and meridians
  • Hands on structural approach developed by Chiropractors
  • Balancing nutrition and toxicity
  • Flower essence therapy
  • Crystal therapy
  • Identifying physiological issues that may have been undiagnosed by doctors


“Having some experience in seeing someone previously who practised EDT kinesiology, I started seeing Kemina and was blown away at how she incorporates her intuition and experience to support me through the healing process. I look forward to my sessions with Kemina and think she is an absolute stand out practitioner.”
Chantal Penny
“I have had chronic leg pain for many years. I have tried all types of therapies Bowen therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy and more. In 3 sessions with Kemina I have had a 100 percent improvement . I wish I had heard of the power of kinesiology before spending time and money on previously inadequate treatments. Thank you Kemina for finding the cause and releasing me to a new life.”

“Kemina is a wonderful kinesiologist with a kind and welcoming nature. The shifts in my personal life from the balances I have received by this incredible woman have been nothing less than profound. Highly recommended to anyone who’s looking to remove a blockage or improve their health and wellbeing.”
Emily Rose


To book: 0400 565 116 KinesiologybyKemina/


$150 for initial session

$120 for follow up sessions