Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course


Our Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course is a three day intensive training specifically created for Psychosomatic Therapy students/therapists that wish to learn and experience our new Emotional Anatomy (EA) Training, at a fraction of the time and cost of the full course.

This bridging course is intended to provide Psychosomatic students/therapists a direct pathway to attain our Emotional Anatomy Consultant Certification, and to ensure you will be eligible to enrol in our future extra curricular trainings.

Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course Prerequisite Requirements: 

To attend our Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course, students must have received their certificate of attendance from a licensed Psychosomatic Therapy Trainer (world wide). Completion of the Psychosomatic log book process is not required as a prerequisite.

Our Emotional Anatomy Training has come about due to our commitment to continuous improvement. We have created a brand new Emotional Anatomy text book and a completely new bodymind assessment process designed to make learning and integrating this subject much easier in both personal and professional settings.

The following outlines the developments that have been made to the bodymind assessment/analysis process: 

  • EA Assessment Process, including new forms and guidelines
  • Foundations of EA (energy distribution, overall postural alignment)
  • Establish your unique Body Type (Energetic Blue Print), which forms the basis for all EA findings
  • Discover the meaning of each individual Body Part and learn how to create interpretations based on each body type
  • Understand the meaning behind the most common alignment dysfunctions across the entire body in relation to the body types
    NOTE for Emotion Anatomy Mentorship Students: a large degree of this subject was covered in our EAMP on Emotional Anatomy. Significant developments have been made to this content to cater for the unique body types and archetypes.
  • Learn how to identify archetypal patterns of somatic distress (rigid, swollen, dense, collapsed) and integrate interpretations into overall assessment


Our Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course involves the following:

  • In depth lectures on each subject
  • Partner work
  • Group comparison and reflection in every area covered
  • Report writing process
  • Final Assessment (written and oral)

Participants will receive:

  • Our New Emotional Anatomy Text book, including 12months worth of digital text book updates
  • A copy of our new Assessment Forms
  • Eligibility for accreditation as an Emotional Anatomy Consultant (details below)

Become a Certified Emotional Anatomy Consultant:

We are proud to offer you our Emotional Anatomy Consultant Certification. To achieve certification requires the following:

  • Complete  Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course
  • Fulfil Emotional Anatomy Training Log book requirements

Emotional Anatomy Log Book Process and Requirements:

The EA log book process provides you the opportunity to practice and embody all the new information you have learnt. We have kept the workload minimal and there is NO supervision requirements to attain the Emotional Anatomy Consultant certification.

REMEMBER: The log book process is primarily for students who want to practice professionally. This bridging course can be used for personal reasons only and therefore log book requirements are not necessary:

The log book process is as follows:

• 2 x Face Reading Reports
• 3 x Emotional Anatomy Reports

Students are required to submit completed reports within 6 months from the start date of the Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course.

We feel it’s only fair to offer this Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course as a gesture to our committed students who desire more information and experience in understanding this amazing subject without having to undergo the entire training.



Wednesday to Friday,  26th – 28th, April 2017

Time: 8.30am – 5.30pm


Soul Space Brisbane, 23 Parker Street Newmarket QLD 4051


$250 deposit required upon enrolment to secure position. Remainder payable by 26th April 2017. See full terms and conditions below.


*This price is inclusive of the $99 Recognition for Prior Learning administration fee.


Fill out the enrolment for HERE. Upon receipt we will email an invoice for you to make deposit or full payment.


This Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course is not intended to run regularly and may only be offered this one time.
Spaces are limited to 20 students (minimum 8 participants – see terms and conditions below). 


Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL):

Students are to submit the following documentation for recognition of prior learning.  The RPL process is as follows:

  • Certificate of Attendance you received after attending the 10 Psychosomatic Therapy Training, OR, if you haven’t received a certificate of attendance but you have completed a 10 day training please provide the following: student number, training dates & and training provider/teacher details (email and phone contact)
  • Certificate of Attendance you will receive after attending the 3 day Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course.
  • Emotional Anatomy Log Book ( x2 Face Reading reports & x3  Emotional Anatomy reports)
  • Recognition for Prior Learning Form.

The documents above are to be scanned and sent as one file via Dropbox to: hello@soulspacebrisbane.com.au. Once the documentation has been assessed and the student deemed competent, a Certificate of Emotional Anatomy will be issued.



May 2017 Psychosomatic Therapy students are the ONLY students permitted to sit our 2017 EA Training at no cost. All other student who are interested in participating in the EA Training must commence either our full training or register for this Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course.

Participating in our EA Training as a Psychosomatic student/therapist can not be considered as ‘re-sitting’, principally because the EA training content and processes are completely different. This is why the bridging course has been created at a reduced time and cost commitment. Students are entitled re-sit the Psychosomatic Therapy Training with any certified trainer in Australia as per the current policy (PT training will no longer be facilitated by Chris Knight).

May 2016 Psychosomatic students are welcome to sit and ‘observe’ our March 2017 Emotional Anatomy Training as a one time offer. For the purpose of this section, May 2016 students who choose to attend our March 2017 training are classified as ‘observers’. Students who wish to observe must carefully read the information below.


The following information is for students who trained with Chris Knight at Soul Space Brisbane in May 2016 ONLY.


Students who wish to ‘observe’ in our March 2017 training must be aware of, and adhere to, the following requirements:

  • Throughout the EA training ‘observers’ are limited to observing  information and experiential processes.
  • Observes are not entitled to participate in any way, including asking question of the teacher, filling out reports, or involvement in sharing and initiation activities.
  • Observers must attend the complete course without exception. Arriving late, either at the start of the day, or during breaks, will result in being ask to leave (zero tolerance applies).
  • Observers must uphold the highest level of consideration for the EA students
  • No advice or comments related to the new course content amongst students is permitted
  • No advice, comments or guidance related to personal issues and development is permitted amongst students
  • Phones are not permitted in class
  • Observers must also support with cleaning duties i.e. kitchenette, packing chairs away and sweeping the hall at the end of the day
  • Soul Space Brisbane and their trainers reserve the right to ask an observer to leave at any time if the above requirements are not met – thank you for understanding

Any observer that wishes to attain the Emotional Anatomy Consultant certification must attend the Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course. Observing the EA Training does not provide, or lead to, any qualification.

Students of our May 2016 Psychosomatic Therapy Training must email their interest as an ‘observer’ by 13 February 2017.



The total Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course fee is $750.
An invoice will be sent via email once you have filled out and submitted the enrolment form.
To secure your enrolment deposit payment of $250.  The remaining balance is due by 26th April 2017.
Positions are secured on a first in best dressed basis and spaces are limited to 20 students. We require a minimum of 8 students to run this bridging course.


Deposit payments are non-refundable. Requests for refunds on full payments will not be provided simply if you change your mind. Any request for refund must be made by the 1st March 2017. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your entire payment. Payments are not transferable because this bridging course may only occur this once. All cancellations must be made in writing to hello@soulspacebrisbane.com.au or by direct contact with Jodie de Rome or Chris Knight on 07 3352 6155. No refunds will be issued once a course has commenced.

Soul Space Brisbane reserves the right to cancel the Emotional Anatomy Bridging Course in the case there is less than 8 students registered who have registered close of business 7 April 2017. Students who have paid will be given a full refund.