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bodhi-whitaker-yoga-course1WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR
We offer a special rate for a select few who want to run their classes from Soul Space Brisbane as an ongoing commitment. For example, if you wanted to have the Tuesday night slot every week for an ongoing class/course.

We offer a unique opportunity for teachers looking to run their own business, taking care of their own client base under the umbrella of Soul Space Brisbane. This is perfect for teachers who have gained clarity about what they offer,  want to run their own show and need a space that can match and inspire their vision. 

The following information is to provide you with a clear understanding of the nature of Soul Space Brisbane and who we are keen to work with. Your class could be offering such services as yoga, pilates, meditation, tai chi, dance, etc.

The opportunity we are offering is for teachers who are looking for an inner City space to run their business on a room rental basis. We are not offering an employment opportunity.

soul space brisbaneSoul Space Brisbane is dedicated to the embodiment of purposeful living. Our philosophy is that living an authentic and purposeful life is the surest way to heal and to sustain a healthy prosperous life. Our current services are focused on creating real life experiences where people can reclaim their true sense of responsibility, creativity, personal power and authentic expression. We are teaching people how to heal themselves by providing them with tools which are relevant in the world we live in today.

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By definition, ongoing hire is hire of the space for a particular time slot, for the same time, every week with a minimum commitment of 2 months.  

For example: You wish to use the space for regular class/es every Wednesday 6pm – 9pm indefinitely.
After the initial 2 months you are invoiced invoiced monthly to keep your term of hire at a continual 1-month-in-advance schedule. If at any time you wish to cease ongoing hire at Soul Space Brisbane (after your initial 2 months) we require at least one month notice.
Full terms and conditions are available in our space hire agreement. Please contact Jodie to discuss.

Monday – Friday, 6am – 8am (2hrs)
Monday – Thursday, 6pm – 9pm (3hrs)


THE SPACE (what we have available):
o   A large open naturally lit space for your classes (approx. 88m2).
o   Amenities including: 1 toilet, kitchenette, sound system, air conditioning and heating when required.
o   Yoga equipment: yoga mats, yoga chairs, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets

o   Kitchenette facilities include: fridge, plates, glasses, mugs, cutlery, kettle, urn, tea & coffee.
o   You are permitted to bring food & beverage (non-alcoholic) into the premise as long as all cleaning is taken care of and nothing is left in the fridge at the completion of your hire.
o  WIFI internet access
o   Chairs x 60
o   You are welcome to leave flyers or brochures about your classes
o   Your event will be listed on our comprehensive website calendar at if required

yoga soul space brisbane

If this opportunity resonates with you please send us an email to including your phone contact details so we can call you to discuss further.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jodie x