chris knight

Chris Knight, founder of Emotional Anatomy, Intuitive Unwinding Meditation & co/founder of Soul Space Brisbane, is an inspirational teacher, expert life and energetic business consultant, mentor, and therapist. For the past 10 years, Chris has specialised in taking individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level through down-to-earth and profound energetic consultancy.

Emotional Anatomy Teacher and Trainer
Intuitive Unwinding Meditation Teacher

Master in Psychosomatic Therapy
B.H.Sc Musculoskeletal Therapy
Diploma Remedial Massage
Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher 



Chris’s highly intuitive, confronting, insightful and most importantly heart felt approach to therapeutic life consultancy is highly impactful and life changing. Chris specialises in connecting people with their authentic purpose and provides a hands on approach to resolving physical, emotional and mental challenges along the way. He is gifted at identifying the root cause of issues and will hold you accountable for making the changes in your life you know in your heart are necessary.

Chris works with a wide variety of clients who suffer chronic stress disorders, trauma, chronic pain, physical, emotional, mental and energetic blockages that result in depression, anxiety, addiction, obesity, and much more. His success is due to dealing with the root cause of body-mind issues relating to family conditioning, beliefs, relationships, money, sexuality, personal identity, self worth, personal expression, self love, and provides the appropriate environment to transform through these challenges.

His mission and core belief is authentic action is one of the key ingredients to discovering ones deeper purpose and vibrant health and therefore places a great degree of emphasis on lifestyle choices when considering self discovery and healing of health issues of all kinds. Chris utilizes a large therapeutic tool box to support your unique circumstances and prescribes powerful lifestyle changing assignments and self-care practices to empower you outside the consultation.

The essence of what to expect in a session:

Life Consultation

  • Remove and replace limiting beliefs systems: working through survival archetypes
  • Discovering what you really want: heal relationships, resolve additions, create financial abundance, develop emotional intelligence
  • Claim your identity by developing self-confidence and self-worth: learn to commit, take actions and risks
  • Realise your innate gifts and talents
  • Connect with your inner knowing: embracing vulnerability, experience true forgiveness, release wounds and resolve resentment
  • Understand your life in a symbolic way: consult on choices and re-create your life
  • Create a vision for the life you want to live: fulfill your full potential
  • Discover why you are in the physical shape you are in
  • Understand the mental and emotional connection to your physical health


  • Personalised guided Intuitive Unwinding Meditation
  • Emotional Release Bodywork: Release trauma and emotional blockages and reconnect with your authentic expression
  • Sound Therapy: Calm the nervous system and clear your energy field
  • Musculoskeletal Therapy: Restore musculoskeletal dysfunction and relieve pain



Chris is an energetic business consultant for entrepreneurs and businesses, specialising in the development and implementation of fulfilling an authentic and meaningful vision that holistically transforms ‘business pain’ into growth, abundance and expansion.

Chris’ mission is to support authentic businesses to be highly productive, purposeful and meaningful in their service delivery and views business as a vehicle for personal growth when aligned with integrity.

Business pain is the result of resistance to growth and innovation. Many businesses are inhibited in a state of survival mode. Chris will support your business to elevate to a space of creativity and abundance as guided by an authentic vision and energetic consulting.

As each business is unique, Chris will speak with you prior to booking a consultation to establish the needs of your business.

Chris has supported thousands of entrepreneurs in achieving a wide range of desires, goals and visions for their businesses. Listen to this podcast excerpt that follows Cherie Passion’s journey to discover her Soul Inspired business as a result of working with Chris Knight. 


For more information about engaging with Chris in Energetic Business Consulting, please email your interest to


One-on-one therapeutic life consultations involve intensive personal development through direct advice, mentoring, and coaching. Sessions also involve therapeutic techniques to enhance, embody and integrate life consulting processes.

INVESTMENT: $300 per session + audio recording (up to 90mins duration)
Couples, Small Groups and families $90 extra per person
Regularity of appointments usually occur once per month.

Healthcare rebates are available for sessions involving Remedial Therapy
*see terms and conditions below

Therapeutic Life Consultation Times:
In person & Skype – Mon & Tues: 2:30pm & 4pm – Wed: 7am & 8:30am 


This option allows you to engage on a frequent and more flexible basis, allowing you to get the feedback, advice and support needed more regularly. This option is most often used when in times of pivotal change, transition or crisis when extra support and guidance is required.

INVESTMENT: Monthly Payment Plan of $500 per month
Investment includes:
1 x 90min in person or skype consultation per month + audio recording
2 x 45min phone consultations per month OR 1 x 90min phone or skype consultation

Healthcare rebates are available for sessions involving Remedial Therapy
*see terms and conditions below

Therapeutic Life Consultation Times:
In person & Skype – Mon & Tues: 2:30pm & 4pm – Wed: 7am & 8:30am 

Phone Consultations
Monday – Friday: 8:30 to 5:30pm
(may exclude allocated In person and Skype consultation times listed above and public holidays) 

NOTE: New clients may be advised to engage in an initial Therapeutic Life Consultancy prior to engaging in the intensive to correctly decipher needs of consultation.


Group Accountability Intensives are only offered to students of the Emotional Anatomy Training  (incl. PT Training).

Group Accountability Intensives are extremely powerful in leveraging lasting change and continued growth. These sessions are highly supportive and designed for everyone, whether you are wanting to overcome addiction, heal from past trauma, need support with heath issues or wanting guidance stepping deeper into your path – there is no topic unsuited to these sessions.

This space is impeccably held and renowned for creating unprecedented change in peoples lives. Working with a group is immensely powerful. It draws upon the power of a like-minded community providing a unique support base not available in normal circumstances.

Sessions involve:

  • Sharing
  • Accountability tasks
  • Personal development activities
  • Actionable items in session

INVESTMENT: $600 for 6 sessions (up to 3 hours in duration)
Maximum 8 participants
Minimum 6 participants

Session times: No current timetable displayed 
7am – 10am Monday or Tuesday
(timetable will be released via website calendar, newsletter & Facebook page)


*first 90mins in mandatory

Soul Space Brisbane – 23 Parker street Newmarket

 *see terms and conditions below

”To me, Chris Knight is an intuitive therapist who takes a holistic approach to treatment. Chris has a number of gifts, not only for treating injury and pain, but for recognising the root cause of a problem and helping you to correct the relevant patterns of behaviour in your life. He is able to sense what is going on in your body on a physical and energetic level, and knows exactly what you need—often well before you do. When I see Chris for a treatment I feel like I’m checking in with my higher self to see how it’s going: like I’m checking under the hood for maintenance. Chris has a special energy that affects you simply by being in the same room. I don’t think any two treatments I’ve had with Chris have ever been exactly the same, he responds to my specific needs on the day and adapts the treatment accordingly. Such flexibility is rare, and to me it demonstrates Chris’ supreme confidence in his own ability to ‘go with the flow’ and be open to whatever is needed by a particular person on any given day.
I first went to see Chris over a year ago for treatment of migraines and feelings of imbalance in my body. At the time I felt like my head and my body were two completely separate entities that didn’t really like each other that much, and that my migraines were what happened when they fought. After years of looking for a magic cure for migraines outside of myself—diet, exercise, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, magnesium supplements etc.—Chris helped me to see that my migraines were probably a result of the way I dealt with stress and anxiety, and how I allowed thoughts and feelings to affect my body. Since starting treatments, Chris has helped me to greatly reduce migraines and reconnect my mind and body, bringing my whole being back into balance. He has also helped me in ways I never expected, at times acting as a life coach and spiritual guide. Sometimes I feel as if his words of wisdom are being channelled directly from the universe in order to help me grow, or to let go. I owe much to Chris, but perhaps most of all for helping me to help myself’.”
Ross Hope – Hawthorne



Terms, Conditions, Booking and Cancellation Policies:

Therapeutic Life Consultations (In Person & Skype)

Booking and Payment Policy
Therapeutic Life Consultations investment is $300 per session. When booking a life consultation, we make a commitment to you by guaranteeing your appointment time and refuse all other requests. Any follow up/future appointments that are cancelled with less than 72hrs notice will incur a $150 cancellation fee. 


Therapeutic Life Consultancy- Intensive (In Person & Skype)
Clients are eligible to engage in the Therapeutic Life Consultancy (intensive) after receiving an initial consultation. 

Booking & Payment Policy
Therapeutic Life Consultancy Intensive investment is $500 per month. When booking a consultation, we make a commitment to you by guaranteeing your appointment times and refuse all other requests. Therefore, the Therapeutic Life Consultancy Intensive option is paid for in advance at the time of your appointment/phone enquiry and appointments must commence within 1 month from the time of payment. The month period begins upon first contact, either in person, Skype or phone contact. Payments are not automatically deducted each month. Ongoing consultations must be paid for and 90min consultations must be booked at the time of consultation either in person, Skype or via phone (payments made over Skype and phone are made via credit card).  

Refund Policy
Two weeks notice is required to be eligible for refund. You may request a refund in writing to (include bank details) – a $150 administration fee will apply.

Reschedule Policy for 90min Consultations
The 90min consultation may be rescheduled once within the month of your payment cycle at no extra cost.

Funds and services will be forfeited in the following situations: (1) Failure to provide at least 72hrs notice when cancelling a in person, Skype or phone appointment (2) failure to reschedule a consultation within 7 days (3) not attending a rescheduled appointment within the month of your payment cycle. Emergency cancellations are determined at our discretion.

Booking Policy for Phone Consultations
Phone consultations can be made at the time of consultation or requested via text or email at any time within business working hours (8:30am – 5:30pm). When requesting a phone consultation we require two business days to book and fulfil the appointment, however requests may be accepted immediately. We will call you at the requested time and date. If the call is unanswered you are required to call back asap. Time taken to call back will be deducted from the 45min time period allotted for the call. The two 45min bookings may be combined into one 90min phone or skype consultation at the clients request.  

Rescheduling Policy for Phone Consultations  
Phone and skype consultations are not subject to change or reschedule unless deemed absolutely necessary. Rescheduling phone or skype consultations are accepted on case by case basis with discretion of Soul Space Brisbane staff and must be requested via phone call. Failure to attend a phone consultation will result in forfeiting the appointment for that month.  Emergency cancellations are determined at our discretion.

Group Accountability Intensive

Booking & Payment Policy
Participating in Emotional Anatomy Training is a prerequisite requirement to be eligible to attend Group Accountability Intensives. The cost of Group Accountability Intensives is $600 for six sessions. To secure your place a deposit of $300 is required. An invoice will be sent via email once you have made payment. The remaining balance is due at the commencement of the first session via BDD or EFTPOS. Positions are secured on a first in best dressed basis and spaces are limited to 8 students. We require a minimum of 6 students to run the Group Accountability Intensive offering.

Cancellation Policy
Deposit payments are non-refundable or transferable. Requests for refunds on full payments will not be provided simply if you change your mind. Any request for refund must be made in writing for consideration two weeks prior to the commencement of the six-week program. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your entire payment. All requests for refund must be made in writing to or by direct contact with Jodie de Rome or Chris Knight on 07 3352 6155. No refund will be issued within two weeks of the course commencement, nor will refunds be permitted once a course has commenced.

Soul Space Brisbane reserves the right to cancel the Group Accountability Intensive in the case there is less than 6 students registered. Students who have paid will be given a full refund.