This Chakra Mentorship Program delves deep into the aspects of the chakras on a personal level and teaches you the direct relationship to the challenges we go through in our daily lives. Through live sessions, talks, and practical exercises, you will learn the energetic significance of themes and circumstances that are present within our internal and external world. This will facilitate the understanding and awareness of how the consciousness of the chakras shape our overall lives, beliefs and relationships. Gaining a holistic insight into the symbolic nature behind the themes of each chakra allows us to grow from these experiences.


Session 1 – 15th July 2016
Session 2 – 5th August 2016
Session 3 – 2nd September 2016
Session 4 – 30th September 2016
Session 5 – 28th October 2016
Session 6 – 11th November 2016

Friday evenings – 6pm till 9pm

Soul Space Brisbane – 23 Parker Street Newmarket

How are the evenings formatted?


This night incorporates live sessions that address the issues and challenges of the topics related to each chakra. These sessions will involve 1-3 outside volunteers who will share their stories and experience in therapeutic discussion with Chris. This live and interactive insight provides a rare and power opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the topic of discussion. These sessions will be audio recorded and created into podcasts.

Chris will then take the subject to the next level by going deep into the underlying energetics of the following topics in a lecture style. These lectures will allow you to discover the consciousness for specific areas of growth and development within your life so you can make the appropriate changes and take action which align towards your purpose. Understanding growth processes and the inherent challenges of these subject areas provides the foundational awareness that unlocks our full potential.


Session 1- (15th July). Base Chakra – Beliefs, childhood conditioning, work, wellbeing (nutrition/exercise/sleep) and money.

Session 1- (5th August) Sacral Chakra – Addiction, personal relationships, poor boundaries, knowing what you want and guilt.

Session 3- (2nd September) Solar Plexus Chakra– Self-confidence, body image, power, trust and shame.

Session 4- (30th September) Heart Chakra  Intimacy, love/rejection, self-acceptance and grief.

Session 5- (28th October) Throat Chakra– Self expression/communication, the power of choice, letting go.

Session 6-  (11th November) Crow and Brow Chakra– Connecting with your vision/purpose.

The Mentorship session will finish will an experiential process (including handouts, group and one-on-one discussions, reflective writing activities) that supports a deeper awareness of knowledge and solidifies your understanding of the addressed concepts.

$500 (students who have completed PT outside of Soul Space Brisbane)
$350 re-sitters (students who have completed training at Soul Space Brisbane)
COMPLIMENTARY – for student who completed Psychosomatic Therapy Training May 2016.

– 6 mentorship sessions in person (over 6 months)
– PDF documents of information provided in each session

Here is an excerpt of our Sacral Chakra lecture:

Download an excerpt from the Sacral Chakra e-book on the 3 levels of attraction vital for a successful intimate relationship.


Payment Options


Mentorship Month 1



All questions relating to any area of the Chakras and the corresponding challanges/issues need to be emailed prior to the commencement of each session. I will attend to these questions at the beginning of each session, which will be recorded for future viewing. This ensures important questions are answered and ensures less interruptions by students during the mentorship program.

Video/Audio Recordings

The talks will be video recorded for future use of Soul Space Brisbane. Any direct inclusion of the participants will be dealt with via a video/photography model release form. Video recordings are not available or included as a part of the Mentorship Program.


*Payment Terms & Conditions
The full price of the face-to-face Chakra Mentorship Program is $500, which includes 6 mentorship session and PDF material of the sessions.

For participants who have completed the Psychosomatic Therapy Training after November 2015 and completed the Mentorship Program directly after that training may re-sit the Mentroship Program at the reduced rate of $350. For participants of the EAMP who have paid the full rate of $500 may re-sit the Chakra Mentorship at the reduced rate of $350.

Students participating for FREE
A student of the Psychosomatic Therapy Training from May 2016 group may attend the Chakra Mentorship for free.

Participant Cancellation & Transfer Policy
The Mentorship Program fees are not refundable. Cancellations made within 1 month of the scheduled training are not transferable to another date. For cancellations made with more than 1 month notice may use their deposit or payment on the next available training but not thereafter. Thank you for your understanding.